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Our Comprehensive Weight Loss Surgery Team

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“Start your journey to the healthier new you”

We're here for you before and well after surgery, providing guidance, reassurance, and comprehensive services to help in reaching your goal.

Weight Loss Surgery Coordinator

Probably the first contact you'll make with the team, the Weight Loss Surgery Coordinator (an experienced registered nurse) is here to answer your initial questions about the procedure.

If you decide weight loss surgery is right for you, the Weight Loss Surgery Coordinator will:

  • Provide objective information to help you make your decision.
  • Be there to help you understand the steps to take to prepare for the procedure
  • Visit you in the hospital after your surgery to make sure you're comfortable with the process to follow when you go home,
  • Help you take advantage of the services we offer to assist in reaching your goal.


The team of surgeons who perform weight loss procedures at Woman's are some of the most experienced physicians in the region.

Weight Loss Surgeons

*Dr. Bellanger and Hargroder are separate legal businesses.

Registered Dietitians

You need the guidance of trained nutrition professionals to help you understand how to prepare for surgery and how to change your nutritional lifestyle afterwards.

Our registered dietitians will meet with you one-on-one prior to your surgery and provide in-depth materials, making sure you feel confident with the changes you'll need to implement.

After surgery,individual nutrition counselling is available to help keep you on track, offering 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month check-in appointments for an additional fee to track your progress and answer your questions.

Exercise Physiologists

Completing the team are the Exercise Physiologists at Woman's Center for Wellness. Whether you require a physical activity program prior to surgery, or only after the procedure, you can rely upon their breadth of expertise in helping women achieve and maintain healthy, physically-active lifestyles.

Our Forward Motion program is specially designed to help transition weight loss surgery patients from a point of little or no activity to an independent workout routine designed to reach their specific goals.

Your program will be created according to your needs, and is available for an additional fee. And, you'll feel at ease at the women-only fitness facility at Woman's Center for Wellness.