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Hall of Stars

The Hall of Stars holds a special place in many, many hearts.

The Hall of Stars at the Goodwood campus was a special place for our patients, their families, our physicians and employees. Prior to the move, hospital volunteers, led by Marla Hoppenstedt, worked diligently to photograph and carefully remove the stars.

If you ordered a star and would like to have it/them as a keepsake, please fill out this Claim Your Star Request Form.

Wall of Stars

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nameplate tile

“A gift in the name of your own special star”

Wall of Stars

The new Wall of Stars, located on the second floor of the Labor and Delivery family waiting area, commemorates the birth of babies born at both old and new Woman’s Hospital. Each 3.5" x 3.5" nameplate on the Wall of Stars can be designed in one of five pink or blue shapes inscribed with the name and birth date of your loved one. An interactive touch screen allows you to look up a photo of your star from the Goodwood campus Hall of Stars.

By purchasing a tile for the new Wall of Stars, you not only honor the birth of a child in a memorable way, but you also make a donation to Woman’s Hospital. The tax deductible portion of your gift enables Woman’s to fund programs that improve the health of women and infants.

For more information, please contact the Office of Development at (225) 924-8124 or email us.

A gift in the name of your own special star will help thousands of future stars!

Is my nameplate permanent? Displaying your magnetic nameplate on the wall may be subject to a reasonable time limitation at the discretion of the hospital. If your nameplate is removed from the wall, it will be photographed and viewable through the interactive touch screen system located on the wall.
If my physical nameplate is removed, will it be returned to me? The Office of Development will make every attempt to inform you of pending changes with your physical nameplate and return it to you.