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Services for Your Cancer Care

Social Services
If your treatment includes a stay in the hospital, an oncology social worker is available to provide support to you and your family. The social worker can provide services and make referrals to services which can help you get through all phases of your cancer journey.

We can help you get more information on your diagnosis and treatment all the way through to survivorship and how it might impact your daily activities, including work and family.

We can help you cope with all of the changes that might take place due to your cancer and it’s treatment. This might include relaxation techniques, support groups, individual counseling and family counseling.

We can help you understand financial concerns such as insurance, disability, prescription assistance, home health, hospice and transportation to and from treatment. For more information on the services offered to hospital patients, call 225-924-8456.

Genetic Counseling
Genetic counselors at Woman’s Hospital can guide patients through the maze of choices available for cancer genetic susceptibility testing. They can determine a patient’s eligibility for certain tests, help them understand informed consent, and help them interpret the results of the test. For more information, call 225-924-8754.

Imaging Services
Woman’s offers general diagnostic and fluoroscopy imaging, ultrasound, and CT scans (computerized tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), as well as nuclear medicine services such as bone scans.  Woman’s provides nuclear medicine imaging services for both adult and pediatric patients. Nuclear medicine complements all other imaging services, especially for those patients with cancer.  Both diagnostic and screening mammography are offered at the hospital’s main campus. Screening mammography is offered at Woman’s Hospital, Woman's Center for Wellness, or on our Woman's mobile mammography coach.

Lab Services
Woman’s Hospital offers a complete array of lab services for diagnostic and follow-up care. Our full-service laboratory and cancer detection lab supports all hospital services but specializes in obstetrics/gynecology and neonatology. The Cary Dougherty Cancer Detection Laboratory is one of the most respected in the nation, having processed more than one million Pap tests since its formation in 1958. Contact us at 225-924-8271.

The research division of Woman’s Hospital’s lab services conducts clinical and molecular biology/genetic research, including technical and administrative support, for the medical staff and community. Our goal is to promote women's and infant's health research while enhancing medical care and improving patient outcomes. Research initiatives are chosen by their potential to ultimately improve the health care of women and infants in this region, to help ensure that women receive the latest and most up-to-date treatment options. We received international recognition for its research involving the HER 2/neu gene and the breast cancer gene. Contact research to find out if you qualify as a research participant.

Nutritional Counseling
Registered dietitians in Nutritional Services work with patients, their families and physicians to ensure that patients receive adequate nutrition. The dietitian educates patients on the importance and benefits of eating properly and develops a nutritional plan that will help them to cope with changes caused by cancer and its related treatment. For more information, contact Woman’s Nutritional Services at 225-924-8451, or send an email.

Patient Navigator
We provide women with one-on-one help during their breast cancer journey. This is a free support service that aids women in getting the resources they need in a timely manner. The program improves access to treatment and coordination of care by helping schedule appointments, reviewing paperwork, improving regular patient communication while undergoing treatment, and providing seamless care within Woman’s multidisciplinary team all the way through survivorship. Our goal is to promote a strong and trusting relationship between patients and Woman’s healthcare team.