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Health Clinics

Woman's offers a variety of outpatient health clinics for your convenience that your doctor may prescribe for you. You can trust that the care you will receive at the clinics at Woman's is the same exceptional care, centered on you that you have come to expect from us.

At Woman's Metabolic Health Clinic, our focus is on women and their unique health needs. With an emphasis on preventive care, we offer specialized services for women with:

  • History of gestational diabetes
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome
  • Unexplained abdominal weight gain
  • Strong family history of type 2 diabetes

If you suspect you may have a sleep disorder, it is important to seek medical attention. The Sleep Clinic at Woman’s, conducted by the professional team of Louisiana Sleep Foundation (LSF), is available to help you obtain a diagnosis and seek any necessary medical treatment.

In addition to health screenings and clinics, we also offer classes and programs designed to address the specific health concerns of women, including nutritional guidance, fitness, and adding the benefits of mind/body programs to your lifestyle.

Pediatric Specialty Outpatient Clinics

Woman's Pediatric Specialty Outpatient Clinics provide children with the nurturing care they need to reach their full potential.