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Your Recovery: Eating and DrinkingAfter Going Home

After surgery is not a good time to begin a strict weight-loss diet. Your body needs good nutrition to heal. Drink plenty of fluids. Six 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day is usually recommended, at least half of which should be water. Examples of other fluids that would be good to drink are fruit juice, lemonade, and decaffeinated beverages. If you had urological surgery, do not drink citrus juices or lemonade.

  • Eat a diet high in protein to aid the healing process. Protein is found in fish, lean meats, milk, and eggs.
  • For a few days after you go home, do not eat foods that cause gas.
  • If your appetite is poor, eat several small meals and snacks rather than a larger meal.
  • If food smells make you queasy, eat cold foods.

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