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Prepare Emotionally for Pregnancy

So you want to start a new life?

Although becoming a parent – and bringing a new life into your own - is a huge change in lifestyle, you won’t be alone. We offer information and services for new moms and dads every step of the way.

Before you get pregnant, think about the emotional and lifestyle issues you will face as a parent. It’s important for you and your partner to agree on most of the major issues, or begin discussing your differences, before you conceive. As part of your preparations, be sure to have all your questions answered.

Integrate your body, mind and spirit with techniques learned in our mind/body wellness programs. Enjoy relaxation, energy and resiliency that supports you when facing life's challenges.Find out now rather than later, about the difference between "baby blues" and post-partum depression.

What you can do to prepare for becoming new parents:

Ask yourself these 10 questions:

  1. Why do you want to have a baby? Do you want to have a baby or is your partner, parent or someone pressuring you? 
  2. How will a child affect your relationship with your partner? Are you both ready to become parents?
  3. If you’re not in a relationship, are you prepared to raise a child alone? Who will help you?
  4. How will a baby affect your education or career plans?
  5. Do you and your partner have religious or ethnic differences? Have you discussed how you'll handle these differences and how they might affect your child?
  6. What will you do for child care?
  7. Are you prepared to parent a child who is sick or has special needs?
  8. Are you ready for your free time to become limited? Are you ready to give up sleeping late on weekends? Or find child care when you want to go out without your baby?
  9. Do you enjoy spending time with children? Can you see yourself as a parent?
  10. What did you like about your childhood? What didn’t you like? What do you want for your child?

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