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Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition

You and your baby are what you eat!

Did you know that your pre-pregnancy weight affects the health and weight of your baby? Or that a pregnant woman needs to add about 300 extra calories daily to meet the needs of her body and her developing fetus?

However, they can’t be just any calories – they must be healthy, balanced, and nutritious. Keep in mind fruits and vegetables help fight off disease and fill our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals.

All women of childbearing age (even if they're not trying to get pregnant) are urged to take the recommended amount of folic acid daily.

Good nutrition is important at any stage of life, but it becomes even more important when you’re eating to meet the crucial nutritional needs of your growing baby.

The physical health of the mom and dad before pregnancy affect the health of their future baby. There are specific things you can do to help your baby even before you’re pregnant.

In addition, you might encounter medical conditions like gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, which require following strict nutritional guidelines. Our registered dietitians offer private consultations designed to help you make the right nutritional choices before, during and after your pregnancy.


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