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Hearing Loss

One in three people older than 60 and half of those older than 85 have hearing loss.

You may find it is distressing to learn that you have a hearing problem. But, knowing you have a hearing problem is the first step toward improving the quality of your life.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • Finding it hard to hear people talk when there is background noise
  • Finding it hard to hear on the telephone
  • Misunderstanding what people are saying
  • Thinking that people are mumbling when they are actually speaking clearly
  • Often asking people to repeat themselves
  • Hissing, roaring or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Finding it hard to hear the television or radio at normal volumes
  • Tiredness and irritation caused by trying to hear
  • Dizziness or problems with balance

Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be hereditary or it can happen due to disease, trauma, or long-term exposure to loud noises or certain types of medications.

Hearing loss can range from mild to a total loss of hearing. Hearing loss often limits the quality of life. It makes it harder for you to talk to others and can cause you and others additional stress.

Hearing Aids

Woman's Center for Wellness March Hearing Aid Specials

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Because every person's hearing needs are different, we offer a wide variety of hearing aid styles and choices, using the newest technology in conventional, programmable, and digital hearing aids. We use the best manufacturers, including Widex, Oticon, Siemens, ReSound, and Phonak.

How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids receive sound through an internal microphone that changes sound waves to electrical signals. The amplifier increases the loudness of the signals and then sends the sound to the ear through a speaker.

No hearing aid can solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing; but, the aids can help to improve your listening ability and quality of your life.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have greatly improved in recent years. Several types of hearing aids are available:

  • Conventional Hearing Aids are designed based on your hearing test. Although there are some adjustments, these hearing aids essentially increase all sounds (speech and noise) in the same way.
  • Digital Hearing Aids are usually self-adjusting. This hearing aid has more flexibility and can be programmed to your hearing loss. A digital hearing aid offers greater flexibility in fitting and a clearer sound, which improves speech understanding in noise.

Fitting Hearing Aids

When you are fitted with your hearing aid, the audiologist shows you how to troubleshoot problems. The audiologist also works with you on a regular basis to make any adjustments so that you get the best possible results.

All hearing aids have a one-year warranty that covers loss and damage, remake, and repair. A 30-day trial period on conventional and programmable hearing aids and a 45-day trial period on digital hearing aids is also available.

The hearing aid fitting includes detailed instructions of the use and care of the hearing aid as well as testing to determine how well the hearing aid works for you.

Specialized Earmolds

Protecting your hearing is an important factor to consider when you participate in jobs, sports, or hobbies that expose you to loud noises and damaging vibrations. We have the ability to custom fit earmolds for hunters, swimmers, and musicians. We also can customize earmolds to fit your iPod to enhance its fit during active use.

Custom-made earmolds are made to fit your ears snug and comfortable, reducing external noise.

  • iPod and MP3s Earmolds and in the ear monitors for music bring you closer to your music. No more worries about your earpiece falling out while you exercise.
  • Swim Earmolds keep water out of the ear canal, great for children with swimmer’s ear, infections, or pressure equalization tubes.
  • Hunter’s Earmolds allow normal hearing while protecting your ear from the impact of gun shot noise.

Swim Earmolds   ipod Earmolds   Hunter's Earmolds

Life and TEK™: Comfort and Connection

The new Siemens Life hearing instrument is the perfect choice for first-time and experienced wearers alike. With its small size, ultra-thin tubing and ergonomic housing, Life is easy to wear and hard to detect – making it twice as comfortable for self-conscious wearers. Best of all, Life’s open fit design reduces the unpleasant plugged-up feeling some people experience with traditional instruments. The optional TEK remote connects you to ipods, televisions, Bluetooth® cell phones, and stereos. The signals from these devices are broadcast directly to your Life hearing aids, connecting you to your world.

Pure®. It lets you shine through.

Be yourself with a hearing instrument that blends in with your identity instead of altering it. Available in a wide array of colors, including 12 natural hair colors and skin tones.

Pure blends in perfectly, so you’re the one who stands out. And Pure doesn’t just match your appearance; it automatically adjusts volume and program settings to match your surroundings, so your hearing experience is completely customized.

Compatible with Tek™ wireless enhancement and in a choice of styles, programming options, colors and the latest breakthroughs in Siemens technology, Siemens Pure is all about you.

Hearing instruments help many people hear better, but cannot solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing. © 2008 Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. All rights reserved.