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Volunteer Connection [pdf]
Volunteers Make the Difference
Volunteers at Woman’s Hospital enhance the work of trained personnel so that the employees may have more time for the technical jobs for which they are trained, thus increasing the efficiency of the hospital and broadening the services offered to the patient.

The volunteer can be the hospital’s best public relations medium. Active, well-informed volunteers can do much to build a good relationship between the hospital and the community by “telling the hospital’s story.” The hospital auxiliary is also a vital link between the hospital and the community.

No other department in the hospital provides similar services. Volunteers at every level provide uncompensated service throughout the hospital. The volunteer does not replace any paid employee. Join our team of volunteers.

Volunteer Connection

For the June 2014 issue of your Volunteer Connections newsletter, click here [pdf].

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Our Volunteers Improve Patient Experience: The impact of our volunteers makes a difference to so many women and families who walk through Woman’s doors. They have assumed a large responsibility in welcoming and guiding visitors around the new campus.

A Decade of Cuddling: Babies in Woman’s Hospital’s NICU and Special Care nursery have enjoyed the warmth, tenderness, and TLC of volunteer “Cuddlers.”