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While You Wait

We know that the birth of a baby, battling cancer or having surgery impacts an entire family. Large waiting rooms, ample family lounges and an outdoor plaza provide guests a place to go when a loved one needs her privacy and rest.

For your convenience and safety, we have special waiting areas throughout the hospital. Please do not gather in the hallways or at the nurses' stations.

Waiting Areas

Labor and Delivery Waiting Area: Located on the 2nd floor

Surgery Waiting Area: Located on the 2nd floor

Adult (AICU) Waiting: Located on the 2nd floor

Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Located on the 3rd floor

Family Waiting Areas are also located at the ends of the hallways in the patient room pods.

We have volunteers who work in the waiting areas at specific times. Please check in with the volunteer, giving her the patient's name. If you leave the waiting area at any time please let the volunteer know, in case we need to contact you.

If a volunteer is not available in the surgery waiting area, please answer the house telephone when it rings. Our staff will call that number to contact family members with a report or to let someone know when the doctor is ready to see the family. If you leave the waiting area, and there is no one to answer the telephone, you may miss a chance to talk to the doctor.

Listed below are the numbers for telephones in waiting areas. You may receive a call on a house phone, but you are not able to dial out of the hospital on a house phone.

Telephones in Waiting Areas

Labor and Delivery Waiting Area – 225-215-7200
Surgery Waiting Area –225-924-8157
Volunteer Station Surgery Waiting Area - 225-927-1300 ext. 4155
NICU – 225-231-5284 (Nurse's station phone)