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Reaching a Patient

When visiting by telephone, you may call 225-924-8157 to ask about a patient. We understand the importance of having family and friends in close contact during a patient’s hospital stay. However, we honor a patient’s privacy and confidentiality. Unless a patient has requested we not give out information, this is the only information we are allowed to share.

When a patient is on the Labor and Delivery and Surgery Units, she will have a telephone in her room. She may call you; however, her telephone will not receive incoming calls. Please wait to call her after she is transferred to her hospital room.

All patient rooms above the first floor have telephones. If you know the room number, you may dial direct. To call a patient’s room, dial 225-231-5 plus the last 3 digits of her room number.

Cell phone service may not be available inside the hospital. We have been diligently working with cell phone carriers for the past year. You may wish to use your cell phone outside of the hospital.