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Woman's for Visitors

At Woman's, we understand the importance of having family and friends close by during a patient's hospital stay. We are eager to help as you wait for your family member or friend. Information on parking and directions, visitor hours, visitor rescrictions, and more is just a click away.

Woman’s is Smoke-free
We are proud to lead the way to a healthier community with a smoke-free environment. We hope that you, your family, and visitors will support our efforts and that, some day, all babies born at Woman’s will go home to a smoke-free world.  Smoking is not permitted in buildings, on the grounds or in parking lots. For the health of our patients, employees, and visitors, we ask that you please extinguish all smoking materials before exiting your vehicle.

High speed Wireless Internet Access
We believe in bringing you innovative and convenient services that enhance your visit at Woman’s Hospital and Wi-Fi is a perfect example. You can enjoy the possibility of staying connected with friends and family. To access the free Wi-Fi services, you need a Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop or PDA to connect to the guest network.

Woman’s Concierge Service
While your loved one is in the hospital , our Concierge Service professionals are available to assist you with special requests such as hotel reservation information, transportation arrangements, driving directions, questions about the Baton Rouge area, and much more.

Shop the Shops at Woman's
Enjoy the convenience, quality and caring that you’ve come to expect as a patient or visitor at Woman’s Hospital by shopping at our stores.

Health Information Center
Search health information websites at the computer, watch educational videos or take home written information at our “help yourself” educational resource center.