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Frequently Asked Questions About Surgery and General Anesthesia

When should I come to Pre-Surgery Center for testing?
It is preferable that you come in at least a day or two prior to your procedure date to allow time to obtain lab results and completion of the entire process. You may pre-admit up to 30 days prior to your procedure date.

How long does pre-admit testing take?
The entire process from registration through testing should take about 1 1/2  hours. There are times when the volumes are high and it may take longer if you have not scheduled an appointment.

Where can I park the day of surgery?
Parking is available in front of the hospital in parking lots B or C.

Where do my family members and/or visitors wait?
A staff member will instruct your family/visitors where to wait while you are having your procedure.

Will I need an IV?
Yes, every patient who has surgery at Woman’s Hospital has an IV (intravenous) line started before going to the operating room. This IV line is used to give you medications and fluids directly into the vein.

Why will I have a tube in my throat?
Usually a tube is needed to keep your airway open during surgery. The tube is placed in your throat after you are asleep and removed before you wake up. This may cause you to have a scratchy feeling in your throat after surgery. If you have questions about this, please call the Anesthesia department at 225-924-8149.

Will someone be with me the entire time I am asleep?
Yes. The anesthesia care team includes both a doctor who is an anesthesiologist and a nurse who is a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). This type of team provides the best anesthesia care. At least one member of the team will be with you the entire time you are asleep.

Where will I wake up?
After your surgery is over, you may begin to awaken as you are transported to the recovery room. There you will continue to wake up. Most people do not remember the early waking process.

Will I hurt when I wake up?
Some pain after surgery is to be expected. However, the amount of pain varies depending on the individual and the type of surgery you have. Your doctor will have ordered pain medications to be given if you need them. We will keep you as comfortable as possible.

Can I drive myself home after surgery?
No, you must have a responsible adult drive you home from the hospital, and someone to care for you for the first 24 hours after your procedure. You may be picked up at the covered and convenient Med-Surg Dischange, on the west side of the hospital beyond the Assessment entrance.