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Woman's Hospital Main Campus Parking for Patients and Vistors

Parking for Woman's main hospital includes lots B and C. Parking for the Physician Office Building includes lots D and E. Handicapped parking spaces for visitors and patients are available. Parking is easily accessible with specific lots.

Easy-to-follow signage will help you find your way around Woman's campus.

Anyone requiring special parking consideration may call the Security Desk at 225-924-8473. After-hours entry (9:00 PM-5:00 AM) to the hospital is available through the main hospital or Assessment entrances. All other doorways will be closed during these hours.

Pink-Striped Parking
Woman’s pink-striped parking spaces are located near the handicapped spaces in front of the hospital, Physician Office Building and Support Services Building. These parking spots are reserved for guests who are mobility-impaired, but not handicapped, and need a “little” closer parking. This includes, but is not limited to, pregnant or elderly visitors, women undergoing cancer treatment and orthopedic and post-surgery patients.

Drive time to Woman’s!
100 Woman’s Way is getting easier to access thanks to the addition of CATS city bus service and the opening of the Central Thruway! Check out the CATS bus schedule and Central Thruway map >>

If you are in labor

Once you arrive at the hospital, drive under the Assessment entrance canopy and pull to the right. Please do not block the left lane, which is for ambulances. The driver should go to the desk and let staff know the patient is in labor.

A volunteer, admissions representative or security officer will then provide a wheelchair for your safety and comfort.

While mom is checking in at the Assesment Center, the driver may park temporarily in lot C.

If you are scheduled for delivery

Scheduled induction and scheduled C-section patients may report to Admitting through the hospital main entrance, with nearby parking in lots B and C.

If you are having surgery

Prior to your surgery you will be scheduled for an appointment in our Pre-Surgery Center, located on the fourth floor in the Physician Office Building. On the day of surgery, you will check in at the Surgery reception desk, on the second floor of Woman's Hospial, just above the main entrance.

Woman's Center for Wellness

For outpatient services, such as therapy or mammography, enter the Bluebonnet Boulevard entrance. For Fitness Club, Relaxation Services, Nutrition Counseling or the Conference Room, enter the Jefferson Highway entrance. Woman's Center for Wellness is located at the corner of Jefferson Highway and Bluebonnet Boulevard.