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Pre-Admit for Surgery

Whether you are having inpatient or outpatient surgery, you will complete your preregistration form and visit the Pre-Surgery Center for pre-admit education and testing and to complete your admission paperwork. Call 225-924-8340 if you have any questions about registration. It is very important that you complete these forms.

If you do not complete your registration and all of the necessary paperwork before the day of your surgery, you will need to report to Admitting to sign admission forms when you arrive at the hospital.

Preparing for Your Pre-Surgery Center Visit
Pre-surgery evaluates, assesses, educates and prepares patients and families for a successful and safe hospital experience at Woman’s.

During the preadmission process, we gather information about your medical and surgical history, and provide instructions about how you can prepare for your upcoming surgery. You or your physician’s office will schedule your appointment with Woman's Hospital Pre-Surgery Center. Your admission paperwork is done at this time, including signing consent forms. Consent forms are legal documents and are required for each admission to the hospital.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your complete medical and surgical history
  • A list of all medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, including dosage information
  • A list of any allergies to medicines, food, latex, dust, pollen or other sources
  • The names and telephone numbers of your primary care physician and any specialists you are seeing
  • Your insurance card and driver's license
  • A copy of your Health Care Proxy or Living Will, if applicable

In addition, please be prepared to pay any co-pay or deductible that is due at this time. If you are unable to pay this portion at the appointment, you will be expected to contact the financial counselor to make financial arrangements. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card. Submission of this information in advance helps us to provide you with the best possible service.

During Your Visit
Please discuss any specific instructions with your physician about your pre-admission/pre-operative visit. During your visit, you will:

  • Complete forms about your health
  • Be weighed and have your height measured
  • Complete any tests requested by your doctor. These vary depending on your health and type of surgery, but can include vital signs, blood tests, urine tests and/or an EKG

A nurse will also complete a nursing assessment and will provide pre- and post-operative information about your surgery.

Your Pre-Surgery Center appointment can take one or two hours. Although we try to be as efficient as possible, sometimes a wait is unavoidable. We suggest that you do not bring young children with you to this appointment. It may cause delays for you and other patients.

If You Are Unable to Make Your Appointment
If you do not complete your preregistration at our Pre-Surgery Center prior to the day of your procedure, you may contact our Patient Access Coordinator Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at 225-924-8752. If you chose to preregister by phone, you will need to sign admission forms and pay any co-pay or deductible that is due when your arrive at the hospital.

Preoperative Evaluation with Your Doctor(s)
At your preoperative appointment with your doctor, discuss any questions you have. Knowing what to expect helps relieve any anxiety you may have about your surgery.

Inform your doctor of all medical conditions you have; for example: asthma, diabetes, thyroid problems, back/neck pain, mitral valve prolapse, etc. Your doctor will determine if it is necessary to have clearance from any other doctors before you have surgery.

If you smoke, discuss with your doctor prior to your surgery whether medication (patches, pills, nasal spray) is needed during your hospital stay to help you cope with not smoking. Woman’s is a smoke-free environment and can provide you with resources to help you quit smoking if desired.

If you are being followed by other doctors for special medical conditions, please notify them you are going to have surgery and ask which medications that they prescribe need to be continued at the hospital.

Tell your doctor ALL medications you are taking, including prescription, nonprescription, herbs, diet pills and vitamins.

Ask your doctor when to stop taking any of these medications before your surgery.

Your doctor may give you a prescription for medicine you will need after your surgery. Please have this filled before your surgery date so that you will have it when you get home.

If you feel sick (have fever, sore throat or any type of infection) between now and the time for your surgery, tell your doctor. Do not wait until the day of your surgery.