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Maternity Registration

For pregnant women coming to Woman's Hospital to deliver, maternity registration includes a preregistration form and a preadmission visit.

Complete the preregistration form online once you know you are pregnant, in your first trimester. We encourage all maternity patients to preregister online or by completing the pink form in the OB packet or in your doctor's office.

OB Express - Your Preadmission Visit
We call a part of our process for registering maternity patients "OB Express."

Once your baby’s arrival is drawing near, about a month to a month and a half (forty-five (45) days) before your due date, come to Woman’s Hospital to complete your registration and sign consent forms. Registering before your hospital stay will speed up your admission when you are in labor.

You can complete your OB EXPRESS registration at two different locations on Woman’s campus: our Outpatient Lab, or Admitting.

Bring your current insurance or medical card, as well as your driver’s license or another form of picture identification. Also, bring any Advanced Directives that you have. During your preadmission visit, the admissions representative will also give you additional written instructions on what to do when you are ready to come to the hospital.

Please be prepared at your OB Expess visit to pay any co-payment or deductible required by your insurance carrier that is due prior to admission. If you are unable to pay this portion at the time of service, you will be expected to contact the financial counselor to make financial arrangements. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card. Submission of this information in advance helps us provide you with the best possible service.

Call 225-924-8117 if you have any questions about registration. It is very important that you complete these forms.

If You Are Unable to Make Your Preadmission Visit
If you do not complete your OB Express registration before your labor starts, you will need to sign admission forms when you arrive at the hospital. If you are admitted to the hospital and then sent home because of false labor, you need to stop in the Admissions office on your way out to sign your consent forms again. Consent forms are legal documents and are required for each admission to the hospital.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your OB Express registration prior to your due date, contact our Patient Access Coordinator Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm at 225-924-8752. If you choose to preregister by phone, you will need to sign admission forms and pay any co-pay or deductible that is due when you arrive at the hospital in labor.

Day of Admission
This is it. Time To Deliver! The day you have been waiting for has arrived. It’s time to get ready to go to the hospital!

Before You Leave Home
Women in labor
When labor begins, call your doctor and then call the Admitting Department at 225-924-8117 so that they will be expecting you. Let them know if you have registered for OB EXPRESS. Go first to Woman’s Assessment Center to be admitted into the hospital. Parking spots lead directly to the Assessment Center—the first point of entry for a woman in labor. A temporary parking lot [PDF] is beside the covered Assessment Center entrance. If you have not completed your paperwork, you will need to sign forms and pay any co-pay or deductible that is due when you arrive at the hospital in labor.

Women with a scheduled procedures
Scheduled induction and scheduled c-section patients may report to Admitting through the Hospital Main Entrance, with nearby parking in lots B and C. You will then be admitted to the LDR unit. If you are scheduled to be induced, please call the hospital before leaving home. Call Labor and Delivery (LDR) at 225-924-8176.