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Hearing Screenings

Woman’s expert audiologists provide hearing aid evaluations, which includes a hearing test.

At your appointment, the audiologist will ask what problems you are having and will test your hearing.

You will be asked to respond to tones in a variety of ways. This gives the audiologist important information about hearing in both ears.

If it is determined that hearing aids are necessary, a private consultation is scheduled to discuss the type of hearing aid that is most appropriate for the patient’s hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Because every person’s needs are different, Hearing Services offers a wide variety of hearing aid styles and makes recommendations based on the unique needs of each patient.

The newest technology in conventional and digital hearing aids is also available from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Widex, Oticon and Siemens.

All hearing aids have a one-year warranty that covers loss and damage, remake and repair. A 30-day trial period on conventional hearing aids and a 45-day trial period on digital hearing aids is also available.

Hearing aid fittings include detailed instructions of the use and care of the hearing aid, as well as testing to determine how well the hearing aid works for the patient. With younger patients, parents are also counseled concerning resources available in the community to meet their child’s individual needs.

Hearing Aids available at Woman's Include:


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