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Your Pregnancy : First Trimester

Congratulations! You're in your first trimester, meaning you've been pregnant for 1-12 weeks. You might be feeling excited, surprised, even frightened, or a combination of the three.

These are common emotions shared by women in their first trimester. You may also feel skeptical, not believing that you actually are pregnant, despite the positive pregnancy tests. This is normal, too.

The decision to become a parent is an exciting one, and one that will change your life profoundly. Your first trimester can be physically and emotionally difficult. But you can look forward to the second trimester, which many people describe as a period of pregnancy marked by great energy and enthusiasm.

You'll need to know about such things as pregnancy tests, common discomforts, nutrition and prenatal care - all in order to prepare for the rest of your pregnancy and childbirth.

We're Here to Help

It is never too early to start getting prepared for pregnancy. Woman's offers a variety of classes to help, and you can access helpful articles, tools and information. You can also schedule an orientation tour of Woman's Hospital and learn more about what to expect in Great Expectations. Remember, being informed eases anxiety.

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Your Baby

At the end of your first trimester, your baby will be about three inches long. It has hands, is beginning to develop fingernails, and can swallow and discharge fluids.


All moms deserve to make an informed infant feeding decision and feel good about it! We want to encourage you to explore your feeding options – both your concerns and the facts about feeding your infant before he or she is born. Read More [pdf] >


Complete the preregistration form online once you know you are pregnant. You won't have to think about this again until about 45 days before your due date, when you will come to Woman’s Hospital to complete your OB Express registration and sign consent forms.