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Want to boost your metabolism? Lift weights!

Muscles are constantly active. They use calories to produce movement and for remodeling (building) when they recover. During sleep, your muscles are responsible for 25% of the calories you burn. That is the good news.  If you do not use your muscles (stress them regularly with exercise) and build them with strength training they shrink in size. Yes, that is the bad news. When less energy is required to maintain or build your muscles, calories that were previously used by muscles are stored as… fat.

While there are numerous benefits to strength training, this reason alone is one to pay attention to especially if you are trying to lose weight and increase your metabolism.

There is no pill or diet that increases your metabolism; it is regular exercise including weight lifting to give you the boost you are looking for to lose weight. Some studies show a 7 – 8% increases in RMR following several weeks of regular resistance training.

What does that mean to you? Regular weight lifting will increase your metabolism even while you are sleeping. Keep in mind that you do have to maintain the training for this to work, but consider how much time, money and effort you have spent on other quick fixes. At Woman's Fitness Club, we have many options for helping you to boost your metabolism from metabolic testing to personal training.

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