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Fitness Club September Membership SpecialFitness is not a resolution . . . it’s a way of life.

SAVE $100 on a standard one-year membership at Woman's Fitness Club.

Are you ready to rock and roll your way back into feeling better?

Let the music move you into Woman's Fitness Club where you have access to:

  • Over a hundred exercise classes
  • Cardiovascular and strength training equipment
  • Indoor track
  • Indoor pool
  • Whirlpool and sauna
  • Fitness and nutrition counseling experts
  • Discounted relaxation services

Woman’s Fitness Club specializes in the unique fitness and wellness needs for women.

Fitness is good balance, whether it’s to:

  • Keep up with your kids.
  • Fit into your old jeans.
  • Eat a piece of cake guilt-free.
  • Or live longer for your (great) grandchildren.

Whatever reasons you have for being fit, healthy and beautiful, we can help you find the perfect balance.

Live your life right! Call 225-924-8300 or email us to get started today.


  • Fitness assessment and testing
  • Professional training session
  • Personalized workout plan (with one update)
  • Re-measure and goal review after three months

*Through September 30, 2014. Discount applies only on a standard one year membership. Restrictions apply.

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