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Stay MotivatedMix Up Your Fitness Routine

There is hardly a family anywhere that hasn't in some way been affected by obesity related illnesses.

Feel like you're stuck on the same old treadmill? You may be, if your regular exercise routine has become dull, dull, dull lately. And that boredom can undermine your best intentions. When physical activity becomes ho-hum, it's easy to find excuses for not doing it.

To cure the blahs, mix up your routine. Now is a great time to add new physical activities, outdoors or inside, to boost your interest and keep your exercise engine going.

  • Lap swim at Woman’s Center for Wellness as part of your weekly routine
  • Start each morning of your vacation with a bike ride
  • Walk for a cause
  • Register to attend a Wellness Program that is a fit for you!

Even a power walk through an outlet mall can provide a different twist on your usual walking circuit. Enjoy the beauty of our new hospital campus while walking around our one-mile Harris Walking Trail.

Changing activity not only helps some people enjoy exercise more, it may encourage them to keep exercising while others still doing the same-old-same-old drop out. So, stop yawning, and start…Zumba? View the current calendar of fitness classes available to Fitness Club members.

Social Support Encourages Physical Activity

If you've been exercising alone for months, the American Council on Exercise suggests you take a class (Pilates, yoga or TRX) or join a club (cycling, dancing). Save on your new membership this month when you join Woman’s Fitness Club and choose from many classes.

An exercise buddy (or two) makes such support even more personal. If you decided to become more active this spring, having an exercise buddy may help you achieve and maintain that goal. A personal trainer is another motivator to keep your workout a priority and teach you new skills.

The Value of Variety

Mixing up your routine does more than just beat boredom. There are some physiological benefits as well as psychological benefits of having variety in your exercise program.

When you do the same type of exercise exclusively, your body builds certain specific strengths. By switching your activity mode, you broaden your physical abilities.

Doing a different activity stresses the body in a new and novel way. That's why, after trying a new physical movement, you sometimes feel sore in places where you had forgotten you had muscles.

Stress on the body is a good thing. We don't want it to be an excessive overload, but…we need to push it beyond what it normally does in order for it to improve.

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