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Move DayWe're on the Move

Today nearly 100 infants will experience their first road trip, courtesy of Woman’s Hospital. Yes, our massive, multi-faceted patient move—a process that has required more than a year of planning—is happening as you read this.

Woman’s Goodwood location stopped accepting new patients at 5:00 AM this morning, and the new hospital simultaneously opened its doors as Woman’s new home for medical care. All patients are being transported, via ambulance, from the Goodwood location to the new hospital at the corner of Airline Highway and Stumberg, near Pecue Lane. The Goodwood location will close permanently once the last patient has been transported to the new facility.

Acadian Ambulance is using 20 vehicles to deliver patients to the new Woman’s Hospital. Drive time between the two campuses is estimated to be 12-18 minutes, with ambulances departing the Goodwood campus every six minutes with patients. If you plan to drive Airline Highway today, be on the lookout and be cautious of the ambulances that will be travelling in that area.

“We selected a Sunday for our patient transport because of the reduced traffic flow on Airline Highway. Also, it’s typically the day we have the lowest patient census,” explains Lori Denstel, RN, Woman’s Director of Nursing Administration. “We anticipate the move to be completed between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM Sunday night.”

“Mothers and healthy newborns are traveling together in single ambulances where the baby rides in an infant seat. Based on their individual condition, NICU infants are traveling with a neonatal medical team,” says Denstel.

For live information on the move, to find out the first baby born at the new hospital and the last baby born at Goodwood, follow us on Twitter.

Our Goodwood campus is now closed.

Acadian Ambulance lined up for patient move For optimal safety, patients are verified

After the last baby was born at Goodwood Mom and baby pairs are transported together

Lights out and closed at Goodwood Leaving our old home


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