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There Lots to Love at the New Woman’sExperience the “Wow!”


It’s an exclamation that we keep hearing when community members get their first peek at the new Woman’s campus. Honestly, we understand because our team members had the same reaction the first time they witnessed many of the new and enhanced features.

Universally, people are amazed by the increase in room size, which went from an average of 250 square feet at the old hospital to 390 at the new campus. In addition, the rooms are brighter, quieter, allow for more privacy and feature aesthetic touches that extend beyond a “hospital feel.” In fact, many have commented that the rooms closely resemble a boutique hotel.

Other new features that make an impression are the new tubs for expectant mothers. The new Labor and Delivery Unit features laboring tubs as a pain management option for when baby’s soon to arrive. Located in each bathroom, the tubs are designed especially for the laboring patient and include closed sanitary systems and large, built-in seats to allow the mother to adjust her position for the greatest comfort.

In addition, our Antepartum Unit features new soaking tubs. The unit is designed for women experiencing complications during their pregnancy that require them to stay in the hospital. The soaking tubs were designed to increase comfort and may improve amniotic fluid levels in some women.

Finally, improvements to the Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU) have also made quite an impression on the community. The unit is a Level III Regional Referral Center, which is the highest level of infant medical care available. Improvements include the redesign of the rooms into an individual family room unit, which encourages bonding. In addition, since some infants require surgery, an operating room was designed to meet their specific needs with complete surgery and recovery capability provided within the NICU. Knowing that your newborn needs extra care can be difficult, so we designed special place just for parents of infants in the NICU to relax, gather and support each other. Our NICU Parent Classroom was created to provide family education tailored to each baby’s medical needs.

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