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Our Due Date is In Sight!Our Bags Are Packed

Nervous. Excited. Ready. Yes, we’re a little bit of all three as we enter the last week before our big move. In our communication to the community, we’ve drawn comparisons to us “giving birth” to the new hospital and there is a great deal of truth to that. Just like the expectant mother who knows she’ll be delivering soon, we have our plans made, our bags packed, and we’ve rehearsed and prepared so much we are confident things will go smoothly.

On Sunday, August 5 at 5:00 AM, Woman’s Goodwood location will stop accepting new patients and the new hospital will simultaneously open its doors as Woman’s new home for medical care.

Then, all patients will be transported, via ambulance, from the Goodwood location to the new hospital and the Goodwood location will close permanently once the last patient has been transported to the new facility.

“This is an exciting event, and we look forward to a smooth transition into our new home,” says Patricia Johnson, RN, Woman’s Chief Nursing Executive. “The intricacies involved in transporting dozens of women who have just given birth, as well as newborns and critically ill infants, have required an enormous amount of planning, teamwork and medical expertise. The assistance of many local, regional and national hospitals who have conducted previous moves has been critical in our planning.”

Acadian Ambulance will use 20 vehicles to deliver patients to the new Woman’s Hospital with drivers departing the Goodwood campus every six minutes. A temporary decontamination center will be created at the new hospital where each ambulance and its equipment will be thoroughly sanitized between passengers. Traffic will not be restricted on the roadways during the move, but if you are driving in the area, please be cautious of the ambulances traveling that section of Airline Highway.

On June 10 and July 8, two “mock moves” were held to simulate the patient transport from the Goodwood campus to the new facility. For each, eleven “patients” (actors) were transported in less than four hours (from 9:30am-1pm) with the help of four ambulances and more than 150 people from Woman’s and the Acadian Ambulance staff. "It was a great learning experience and it was extremely helpful to see our plan put into action," said Lori Denstel, RN, Woman’s Director of Nursing Administration. “We were able to tweak some aspects each time and are looking forward to a smooth move on next Sunday.” In addition, patient simulations were also held on July 10 and 12 to help staff acclimate to their new environment. Woman’s employees played the parts of patients and families in a variety of simulations.

You can also track our move on August 5th by following us live on Twitter. Find out when the first baby’s born at the new hospital, when the move is complete and more!

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