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New Service Line Improvements Go Beyond Our “Woman’s Touch.”The New Woman’s is at Your Service

Our NICU features individual family rooms

Woman’s quality and compassionate care has always been our hallmark and now, the new hospital offers improved facilities and equipment to enhance our famous “Woman’s Touch.”


From MRIs and mammograms to ultrasounds and CTs, the new comprehensive Imaging Services department at Woman’s is designed to make sure patients enjoy advanced technology and a streamlined process along with the special treatment we provide to women. All imaging will be located on the hospital’s first floor directly next to the hospital main front entrance and easily accessed from the Physician Office Building. All imaging services will use one entry point and feature a more streamlined check-in process.

Patients will notice several additional imaging improvements at the new campus, including a more efficient mammography screening process. A patient will now disrobe behind a curtain in the actual mammogram room, thereby reducing the time spent changing clothes in a locker room and sitting in the waiting area wearing a smock. This new approach still provides women the privacy they desire, but speeds up the process of an annual mammogram. Aside from screening mammography, all imaging services will feature sub-waiting room areas to offer more privacy.

“With modesty in mind, our smocks are long-sleeve with elastic wrists, dark colored, and have snaps to allow for easy cover-up,” explains Cynthia Rabalais, RT(M), Woman’s Director of Imaging Services. “For additional patient comfort, department hallways are carpeted for noise reduction and lighting is dimmed to reduce anxiety and provide staff an environment to easily read imaging results. Patients undergoing MRI are provided earphones and music, and ultrasound patients are allowed to watch the test as it is being performed on monitors.”


One might think it would be a challenge to improve our Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which, as a Level III Regional Referral Center, is the highest level of infant medical care available. However, with input from our staff we were able to make improvements that patients and families appreciate. One change is the redesign of the rooms into an individual family room unit, which encourages bonding between family and baby. Since some infants require surgery, an operating room was designed to meet their specific needs with complete surgery and recovery capability provided within the NICU. Knowing that your newborn needs extra care can be difficult, so we created a special place just for parents of infants in the NICU to relax, gather and support each other. Finally, a NICU Parent Classroom was developed to provide family education tailored to each baby’s medical needs.


The new hospital’s cafeteria boasts a modern-concept kitchen and spacious seating areas that encourage patients, visitors and staff to customize their dining experience. The Whole Foods™-esque atmosphere will let patrons browse through the many options available such as a pasta station, a soup, salad and potato bar, a traditional cafeteria-style hot food line including homemade favorites and healthy selections, a grill that includes a sandwich-dressing station, and even a staffed station offering cooked-to-order items such as omelets and grilled shrimp.

However, we have a hunch that the most popular food stations will be the brick pizza oven and the Mongolian grill where guests and staff can build a meal from our fresh ingredients and Asian-inspired sauces. Our ultimate goal is to give patrons the chance to create a healthy meal that would typically be offered in a nice restaurant.

Laboring Tubs

Woman’s new Labor and Delivery Unit is designed to exceed every new mother’s expectations. One of the exciting new features is our laboring tubs, which provide a pain management option during labor. Located in each bathroom, the tubs are designed especially for the laboring patient and include closed sanitary systems and large, built-in seats to allow the mother to adjust her position for the greatest comfort.

Soaking Tubs in Antepartum

Some women experience complications during their pregnancy that require them to stay in the hospital. For these ladies, the new Woman’s Antepartum Unit was designed to be a home away from home. Every room has wood-grained floors, a sofa/bed and soaking tubs, which may improve amniotic fluid levels in some women.

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