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New Hospital Improvements Drawing Rave ReviewsPatient Faves!

Main Entrance at 100 Woman's Way

Over the past few months our Woman’s team and members of the community have had a chance for a sneak peak at the new hospital. Although there are so many new features, these are three that have received quite a number of favorable comments.

Shorter Walks to the Front Door

Almost to the person, one of the first things people notice is that parking [PDF] at the new hospital is much more convenient than the old facility. In fact, the farthest walking distance to the main entrance will be approximately 400 feet, which is less than half that of the closest parking at the Goodwood campus.

Convenient Parking for Moms

Drop-Off for Those Arriving to Deliver
Parking spots lead directly to the Assessment Center—the first point of entry for a woman in labor. A temporary parking lot is beside the covered Assessment Center entrance. Scheduled induction and c-section patients may report to Admitting through the Hospital Main Entrance, with nearby parking in lots B and C.

Covered Parking Spots for Mother/Baby Loading
Everyone agrees that arriving at the hospital to deliver your baby and taking your baby home are both special moments that deserve a special place. The new Woman’s features covered parking spots for mother/baby loading.

Semi-private Chemo Stations

Our enhanced effort to help women fight cancer is another sector of the hospital that has received special notice by the community. Since cancer patients often require surgery, chemotherapy, lab tests, imaging scans, and specialized nursing care, a special unit was built for that singular purpose. Our Infusion Therapy and Medical/Surgery patient rooms are located on the 5th floor in a private area away from the excitement of the new baby traffic.

“We understand that there is so much more to battling cancer than just surgery, chemotherapy and medications,” said Mary Ann Smith, BSN, RN, OCN, director of Gyn/Oncology and General Surgery. “We want our patients to literally experience our commitment by creating a sense of security, familiarity and reassurance when they need us most.”

Cancer patients who provided input in the design of the unit cited the seven semi-private infusion stations as a new change that will be especially beneficial to patients. Because infusions can be physically taxing—often lasting six to eight hours—each station will have an individual television and storage areas, plus specifically-designed reclining chairs for comfort and relaxation.
Every aspect of a woman’s experience with cancer has been addressed at the new hospital. There will be designated parking for women who may be unable to walk long distances. After treatment, patients may be picked up at the covered Med/Surg Discharge doors on the west side of the hospital.

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