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New Woman’s Way CaféChanging Hospital Food Perception


Hours and Location
Food and Refreshments

Woman’s has been known for its delicious food for years, and the new hospital will be no exception. From the 24/7 room service menu to the surprisingly scrumptious cafeteria cuisine, Woman’s has raised the bar for “hospital food.” The new hospital’s cafeteria boasts a modern-concept kitchen and spacious dining areas that encourage patients, visitors and staff to customize their dining experience.

“Our dining room has always served as a gathering place for families, often resembling a family reunion as brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents celebrate the birth of a child or support a loved one. Regardless of the situation, the cafeteria has always been a joyful place that draws families together,” says Margie Ricks, Director of Food Services. Ricks has served at Woman’s for more than 25 years, and has helped set a new standard for expectations, providing healthy and delicious meal choices for the entire Woman’s community.

Our New Cafeteria

The Whole Foods™-esque atmosphere of the new Woman’s cafeteria encourages patrons to browse through the many options available. “The most popular food stations are probably going to be the brick pizza oven and the Mongolian grill,” says Ricks. “Pizza and calzones are always popular, and at the Mongolian grill, guests and staff can build a meal from our fresh ingredients and Asian-inspired sauces. They can create a healthy meal that would typically be offered in a nice restaurant.”

Other diner-pleasing options include a pasta station, a soup, salad and potato bar with a large selection, a traditional cafeteria-style hot food line including homemade favorites and healthy selections, a grill with a large grab-and-go salad and sandwich area that will include a sandwich-dressing station, and even a staffed station that will offer cooked-to-order items such as omelets and grilled shrimp.

“The popularity of our kitchen has always been a source of pride, and since surrounding businesses often frequent our cafeteria, we are adding an online component for faster service,” explains Ricks. Woman’s new Web Food system will enable guests and visitors to order and pay for meals online, then simply pick the food up at the dining hall entrance.

The hospital’s new dining area accommodates 144 people and is directly adjacent to an outdoor plaza, where additional seating is available. A full wall of windows floods the dining space with natural light and offers pleasant views of the Woman’s lake and plaza.

Woman’s always strives to provide exceptional care. At the new campus, thoughtful measures have been taken to improve efficiency, comfort and the overall patient experience. The cafeteria is on the first floor, near the conference center at the new hospital, located at the corner of Airline Highway and Stumberg, near Pecue Lane.


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