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Infusion Center: Treating Patients’ Body & Mind

Women fighting cancer often require surgery, chemotherapy, lab tests, imaging scans, and specialized nursing care. The new Woman’s Infusion Center and Medical/Surgery Unit  focuses on caring for a woman’s body and mind by enveloping her in a calm, safe and comfortable environment while providing exceptional cancer care.

Because cancer patients can feel anxious about a hospital visit, comforts of home have been incorporated into the design of the Infusion Center. “We understand that there is so much more to battling cancer than just surgery, chemotherapy and medications,” said Mary Ann Smith, BSN, RN, OCN, director of Gyn/Oncology and General Surgery. “We want our patients to literally experience our commitment by creating a sense of security, familiarity and reassurance when they need us most.”

The Infusion Center and Medical/Surgery unit are located on the 5th floor in a private area away from the excitement of the new baby traffic. The Woman’s Infusion Center will provide chemotherapy, blood transfusions and various outpatient infusions, such as osteoporosis treatment.

Upon entering the center, patients will immediately notice the increased personal space. Seven semi-private infusion stations complete with individual televisions and storage areas will be available. Because infusions can be physically taxing, often lasting six to eight hours, each station will have a specifically-designed reclining chair for comfort and relaxation.

“Increased anxiety can cause cancer patients to feel overwhelmed and unsettled. Medical studies have shown that increased anxiety can reduce a person’s immunity; therefore, great care was taken to create a soothing environment,” said Robin Maggio, LCSW, oncology social worker. The Infusion Center and Med/Surg Unit are designed to foster a calm, therapeutic atmosphere that is conducive to healing.  High rectangular windows will gently flood the room with natural light while maintaining privacy. “By providing sunlight, we hope patients will not feel secluded from the world outside” said Smith.

Should a patient require inpatient care, rooms have been designed to accommodate patients and their guests. Each private room is 390 square feet in size, features comfortable seating and offers a pleasant window view of the landscape. The Woman’s Med/Surg Unit has been conveniently located directly adjacent to the Infusion Center.

Every aspect of a woman’s experience with cancer has been addressed at the new hospital. There will be designated parking for women who may be unable to walk long distances. The elevators leading to the Infusion Center and Oncology Unit are located directly inside the hospital’s front entrance, where patients can be dropped off underneath a covered entrance. 

Family-centered care is an important element of every space and service at Woman’s. For family and friends, a large waiting area with floor-to-ceiling windows and a panoramic view overlooking the Woman’s lake provides a designated area to relax or work. Hospital-wide Wi-Fi, and a medical resource room with computer access will be available for guests. 

Woman’s always strives to provide exceptional care. At the new campus, thoughtful measures have been taken to improve efficiency, comfort and the overall patient experience. The new hospital is located at the corner of Airline Highway and Stumberg Lane, near Pecue Lane.


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