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Our New Labor & DeliveryDesigned for the Patient Experience

Woman’s new Labor and Delivery Unit is designed to exceed every new mothers’ expectations. Located within the hospital’s star-shaped design, the new L&D unit’s design and function is based on more than 40 years of experience that is, “centered on a woman’s care and her family’s experience,” says Cheri Johnson, RN, director of Obstetrical Services. 

Located on the hospital’s 2nd floor, the L&D unit has 24 patient rooms all located within two of the star-shaped arms that are surrounded by two nurse’s stations. The geometric design of this area provides caregivers improved views of patient rooms, allows better response to patients’ needs and advances security.

Childbirth can sometimes last hours, so comfort and space were a priority when designing the L&D rooms.  Every room is identical in size and shape, and at 390 square feet, each provides ample family space as well as space for nurses and doctors to provide medical care during labor and delivery. “Delivery is an intimate moment, and the size and shape of these rooms allow us the space to provide excellent care while offering family and friends the freedom to choose an appropriate distance from the mother,” explains Johnson. Comfortable and aesthetic amenities include a sofa/bed for overnight guests as well as wood-grained walls and flooring to increase the feel of space and dimension. Hallways are carpeted to reduce outside noise.

“Since women seek various methods of pain management during labor, laboring tubs are in all of our L&D rooms,” said Monica Frederic, RN. Frederic and Amye Reeves, RN, are co-managers of Labor and Delivery. Laboring tubs, located in each bathroom, are designed especially for the laboring patient and include closed sanitary systems. The tubs also have large, built-in seats to allow the mother to adjust her position for greatest comfort.

Should a woman require a cesarean section (c-section), she will be prepped for surgery and recover afterward in a private room. C-sections are performed in designated operating rooms equipped with video monitoring and the patient’s choice of music during delivery. When medically possible, all babies born via c-section recover with the mother. “We strongly believe in the initial bonding that occurs immediately after birth,” explains Johnson.

New to the hospital is a bereavement room. “Because we know that there are times when families need to be together to mourn, Woman’s has set aside a special space for those moments,” explains Johnson.

Woman’s has also provided several locations for families of all sizes to gather. In addition to a large waiting area on the 2nd floor, each unit has a small family lounge for brief respites or when family members are asked  to step out of a patient’s room. These lounges feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lake.

Woman’s always strives to provide exceptional care. At the new campus, thoughtful measures have been taken to improve efficiency, comfort and the overall patient experience. Our new hospital is located at the corner of Airline Highway and Pecue Lane.

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