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We're “Expecting!”Relocation to new hospital set to open August 5, 2012

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Its official! Woman’s Hospital relocated all services to its new hospital August 5, 2012 at 5 AM. The new hospital is situated on approximately 85 acres at the corner of Airline Highway and Stumberg Extension, near Pecue Lane at 100 Woman's Way. The current Goodwood campus closed at 5 AM August 5, 2012.

The new Woman’s campus includes four large buildings and 2,258 parking spaces –nearly 350 more than the Goodwood campus. Below is a comparison of Woman’s physical growth.

Goodwood Campus Square Footage New Campus Square Footage
350,850 sq ft hospital (8 floors)
497,167 sq ft hospital (5 floors)
140,040 sq ft medical office bldg (6 floors)
249,650 sq ft medical office bldg, 2 towers (4 & 5 floors)
20,830 sq ft support services bldg (2 floors) 68,849 sq ft support services bldg (2 floors)
  23,464 sq ft central energy plant (2 floors)

The hospital’s half-star shape was designed for both patient comfort and medical function. With more than 43 years of experience and patient feedback, Woman’s staff believes its hallmark circular shape and short hallways, improves patient safety and creates a welcoming environment on the individual patient units.

A major change that patients will notice is the size of the inpatient rooms. Every room is identical in shape and size, and at 390 square feet, will boast scenic views of either the lake or the trees surrounding the campus. Another innovative improvement is the completely private-room Woman’s Center for Newborn and Infant Care, which provides improved mother-baby bonding. As part of the family-centered design, Woman’s has also incorporated additional family waiting areas complete with panoramic views, and shared kitchenettes and laundry stations for patients who require extended stays of a month or longer.


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