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Employee SpotlightIn honor of Social Worker Month, meet one of the many that provide exceptional care, centered on you.

Woman's Social Services
address a variety of patient needs including counseling, advocacy, support groups, other problems.

Kitzia Baxter, LCSW, NICU Social Worker, is one of 5 full-time social workers on staff at Woman’s. Each social worker represents an area of specialty, which Kitzia believes is a good fit for the many nuances of a hospital setting. Kitzia works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she and Susan Eaton support physicians, nurses, parents, and extended families of infants who, for various reasons, require specialized care and monitoring. This is where the most critically ill or at-risk infants remain until they are strong enough to either transition into another area or go home with their parents.

When asked, “How do you do that?”, Kitzia explains, “If you can be anything to someone who’s walking the hardest path of their life, then you’ve been successful [in this field].”

A social worker in the NICU comes face-to-face with a myriad of difficult situations through the lives of others. Kitzia is sure to add that, coupled with the many challenging aspects of the job, the NICU is a place where miracles happen. Social workers have the benefit of supporting families who watch their little ones pull through with the help of the expert team of specialists who give each baby the best chance to thrive.

“Sometimes people just need permission to do what feels right, to help normalize what they’re going through.”

While Kitzia works primarily in the NICU, she also serves as the resident Spanish interpreter for the entire hospital. There are many situations that require the personal touch of a caregiver speaking directly to the patient, rather than using a language line. That’s where Kitzia’s role is so important.

Social workers are important members of the comprehensive team at Woman’s. Excellent, family-centered care that advances the parent’s capacity to advocate for their child is made possible through social services. We honor the professionals who have dedicated their careers to the field of social work, and those who have chosen to be apart of the Woman’s family, because, as Kitzia revealed, “It’s something that chooses you.”


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