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Infrared Vein Finder Avoids Sticky SituationsHave you ever been stuck multiple times because of a difficult vein?

See vein visualization in action at AccuVein.com/hs

Woman’s is the only hospital in Baton Rouge using the AccuVein AV300 infrared vein finder to avoid multiple sticks. The device helps locate even the most elusive veins.

The AccuVein is a device that helps healthcare professionals locate veins for IV starts and blood draws by projecting a pattern of infrared light onto the patient’s skin that reveals the position of underlying veins. It can therefore help to reduce the number of times that patients get stuck. Woman’s Hospital purchased five of these units in the NICU, Oncology, and Day Surgery departments.

Causes for hard-to-find veins vary from dehydration, obesity, low body temperature, “overuse” of veins (ie: cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy), lack of muscle, and even skin tone.

While age itself isn’t necessarily a factor, elderly patients often have reduced muscle mass and lower body temperatures and are more susceptible to dehydration, which may also contribute to difficulty in locating veins for IV or blood draws.

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