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Calorie Burning WorkoutHave you lost interest in your workout?

Calorie Burning Workout
Think progression. You may lose interest in your workout because you don't know how to change what you are doing.

Progression is a hot term in the fitness world. The idea is to optimize your Energy Expenditure (how many calories you burn). You can do this by varying the choices and progressively increasing the intensity of the exercise, so you get more bang for your buck. Warning: this is not a good idea for someone new to exercise or if you have not exercised in some time. These workouts are for people who have a base under them.

How do you progress?
Choose a form of exercise that can be adjusted to overload over time.  A treadmill is a good example. Another way is to alternate upper and lower body exercises and alternate non- and weight bearing forms as well. It is important to keep in mind that you burn more calories using larger muscles and weight bearing exercise.

Why does progression work?  Can’t I just exercise longer and get the same calorie burn?
High Intensity workouts appear to impacts us at a cellular level where we will burn more calories and fat. The key is that with high intensity training we are able to work harder and at higher intensities over time, this in turn helps us get leaner and fit faster.

Tip: If you workout in the morning, you are depleted of glucose which your body needs for fuel, it is recommended that you eat a light snack to fuel up (fruit or trail mix).

Try one or both of these programs below.  You do not have to do this each time (you may not want to) but it gives you the foundation for testing this new concept.  Have fun!

Program One: High Intensity Aerobic Interval Training
After a warm up do ten intervals of four minutes of very hard, intense exercise (for example at or near 95% of your heart rate max (or a perceived exertion of 17 – 18, which means very hard to extremely hard). Follow the four minutes with two minute exercise free minutes). Ten rounds will take about an hour.

Program Two: High Volume Continuous Circuit Resistance Training
Alternate upper and lower body exercises and move swiftly through the circuit stations. For some stations look for multi-joint exercises such as a squats or a pull downs because you use more than one muscle at a time, so this is more efficient. Complete five circuits, with a cadence of 40 reps per minute with two – five seconds between stations. Use light to moderate resistance: two pulling exercises (i.e. one arm row), two pressing exercises (i.e. modified push up), two leg exercises, two core exercises, ten reps for each exercise. This workout will take about 17 – 20 minutes to finish.

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