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View our Labor and Delivery Video Tour Walk through the hospital and see the personal care you can expect to receive. When you choose us for your delivery, you are choosing an exceptional experience, one that you can only get at a place that is dedicated to the care of women and infants.
Miracle Multiples Watch our documentary following three local women, all pregnant with triplets. Experience their last trimester, the birth of their triplets and one year later. This wonderful journey is a great film for any mom-to-be. Watch the trailer and the entire documentary, by episode, online now >>
Baton Rouge Exposed Woman’s is featured in a tv show that explores what makes Baton Rouge a unique and interesting place to live. Watch a video tour of Woman’s Center for Wellness with host Teri Wyble.
“Belly Button” Bariatric Surgery We now offer gastric sleeve surgery with as few as two dime size incisions, through the belly button. It’s called the STARR Treatment, and it’s both a cosmetic and recovery improvement for weight loss surgery patients.
Part of being the best is knowing you can be better In 1968, Woman’s opened its doors, becoming one of the first women’s specialty hospitals in the nation. Since that time, our now 350-bed, private non-profit hospital has become one of the largest women’s specialty hospitals in the United States; and is recognized throughout the country for innovative programs serving the unique needs of women and their families. We’ve broadened our focus and reach and added multiple service lines to provide comprehensive services to our community.
Weighty Matters, Louisiana’s Obesity Problem What factors in Louisiana’s lifestyle – and history - contribute to its weight problems? Watch the video re-broadcast of Louisiana Public Square.
Schedule your mammogram. We know you have so much to live for. That’s why we encourage every woman 40 years or older to get a routine mammogram, because screening tests can find cancer early, when it’s most treatable.