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Miracle Multiples

Who are the Miracle
In 2010, Woman’s began following three local women – Aly, Laura and Jayna – who were all pregnant with triplets and due within weeks of one another. These wonderful women did not know each other, but quickly became friends and an extended support base, sharing their triplet pregnancy experiences. Woman’s was privileged to follow the moms and their families for ten weeks, filming their challenges, wonderful life-changing moments and each amazing delivery. Their families graciously allowed us access for the purposes of showcasing the uniqueness of every birth and the expertise required for a “multiple” delivery.


Multiples: twins, triplets and beyond Some of the complications associated with multiple pregnancy can be minimized or prevented when they are diagnosed early. There are a number of steps a pregnant woman and her health care provider can take to help improve the chances that her babies will be born healthy.

Every Birth is Unique Although not everyone delivers multiples, every woman’s birthing experience is truly unique and should include choices. Woman’s is committed to respecting those choices and the decisions made between a woman and her physician. For that reason, Woman’s has an enhanced family-centered care for your birth experience.