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As part of our family-centered approach, couplet care is provided for mothers and their newborn babies. This is a philosophy in which your nurse will care for you and your baby in the same room. Our mother/baby rooms are located on the third and fourth floors, and are equipped with a telephone, television, and sleeper couch for one adult overnight guest. Your baby will have his own bassinet right next to your bed. Under the skillful care of your mother/baby nurse, you will begin to adjust to life as a new family. This arrangement provides the opportunity to get to know your newborn and ask questions of your caregiver. Well-baby nurseries are located within Mother/Baby units, keeping infants close to moms. Your baby's pediatrician will examine your baby in your room, offering you another opportunity to learn to care for your baby before you go home.

Finding Your Way Around New Woman's
Mother/Baby: Hospital 3rd and 4th floors. Facing the main information desk, turn left and follow the hallway to the Main elevators. In the 3rd and 4th floor hallways, follow the signs to the appropriate patient room number. Pods A and B are on the left, pods C and D are to the right.

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