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Select Another Department Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
The Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Woman's Hospital is one of the few Level III Regional Referral Centers in obstetrics and neonatology in Louisiana and is unique in design and function. As a single-family room NICU, Woman’s encourages parents to become part of the care team. A private space is offered to encourage that special mother/baby bond and provide parents with a higher level of comfort when caring for their baby. The personal bonding space that an individual room provides is invaluable to a baby’s healing.

Woman's Hospital received a Level III Regional Referral Center designation because its team of neonatologists provides 24-hour in-house support and also offers pediatric subspecialty clinics. The NICU is also part of the Vermont-Oxford Network, a group of hospitals from around the world that is recognized as leaders in providing care to premature and critically ill infants.

Our 72-bed NICU includes single-family rooms with accommodations based on the needs of the infant and family, including rooms specifically designed for multiples. Woman’s delivers an average of 150 twins and multiples each year.

NICU Operating Room

Because infants have very unique needs, the NICU has its own operating room that is specifically designed for newborn and pediatric patients. It is staffed by pediatric physician specialists and neonatal surgical nurses. Its location within the NICU eliminates the need to transport patients to other areas of the hospital for surgical procedures.

The NICU Nursery

Designed and equipped for sick or premature infants who require constant medical and nursing care, the NICU nursery can provide varying levels of care from intensive to intermediate, typically for babies who need to be closely observed while they gain weight before going home. Parents are always encouraged to take an active role in their infant's care.

NICU Family Support

  • NICU Parent Lounge & NICU Classroom - We consider parents to be part of the care team – not visitors. Since parents often spend countless hours with us, we designed the NICU Parent Classroom and NICU Parent Lounge especially for them. These areas allow us to educate parents on their infant’s individual care needs and provide a private space for parents to relax and gather.
  • NICU Parents Group - Former NICU parents provide support for current NICU parents. In our support group, you can interact and bond with parents who have gone through or are going through situations similar to yours. For more information, call Social Services at 225-924-8456.

How it began…

In 1980, a number of parents whose babies had graduated from the NICU began meeting and talking about how they felt when their babies were in the NICU. Many had babies who were born prematurely, while some had babies with other problems. The NICU Parents Group was formed to help you and other parents cope with the stress of having a baby in the NICU. While all parents react differently to having a sick baby, they share many similar feelings, many of the feelings you may be having. You may find, as they did, that talking to someone who has been through the experience is very helpful. Plan to attend a regular meeting and maybe someday you will be able to help other parents with babies in the NICU. If you would like more information, talk to the social worker or one of the doctors or nurses on the unit.

Finding Your Way Around New Woman's
Newborn and Infant Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Hospital 3rd floor. Facing the main information desk, go right and take the Surgery/NICU elevator located beside the Imaging Services department. The elevator will open into the NICU lobby. (This elevator services floors 1-3 only.)

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