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As part of Health Information Management department, our Cancer Registry Program at Woman's Hospital is a data retrieval system designed for the collection, management, and analysis of data on cancer patients diagnosed or receiving treatment at the hospital. The information provided by the registry is utilized in hospital studies, cancer education programs, and physician studies, as well as patient care evaluations and site-specific studies. The cancer program coordinator identifies, for statistical purposes, all cancer patients diagnosed and/or treated at the hospital. Cases that meet registry criteria are abstracted, coded, and staged in accordance with the American College of Surgeons' guidelines. These data are then transferred to the Baton Rouge Regional Tumor Registry for editing, follow-up, and analysis. The cancer program coordinator at Woman's Hospital is a member of the National Cancer Registrars Association and the Louisiana Cancer Registrars Association. The Baton Rouge Regional Tumor Registry, a component of the Cancer, Radiation, and Research Foundation, is located at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. As an affiliate of the Louisiana Tumor Registry, the Baton Rouge Regional Tumor Registry is a population-based system that reports the occurrence of cancer in the 11-parish area surrounding Baton Rouge.
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