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Here’s what recent participants had to say about “Body Basics for Girls ”.
  • “My daughter (10) totally enjoyed this class. She was hoping there were more! She participated with the outstanding presenter, as did the other girls. Presenter was fantastic! Informative and made learning fun. We will attend again in the fall because I think my daughter will hear things differently. Totally pleased with this program. ”
  • “Please continue to offer this program. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our girls need this type of introduction as to what is going on in their lives now. Mrs. Babs was the best!!!! ”
  • “The presenter was exceptional and we really enjoyed the class. I've been attending this class for years with my kids. She is my last of 4 children and it is still a wonderful experience. Thanks Womans!”
  • “I would like to thank Woman's for having this class. It opens up conversation that a parent and daughter need to have.”
  • “The presenter quickly established an atomosphere of trust and comfort in which my daughter appeared receptive to learning.”
  • “Fun class. The speaker was very knowledgeable, and made the atmospher comfortable. I would strongly recommend.”
  • “The best $15 I could have spent.”
  • “Everything was informative, yet the stories, language, and humor injected throughout the presentation helped make the information more comfortable.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed attending this class with my daughter. Ms. Babs made it interesting and fun. She covered a lot of information in two hours and the time just flew by! Thank you for offering this class at such an affordable price.”
  • “This class was so beneficial and exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the staff presenter and Woman's hospital for offering a class that explained the "touchy" subject of puberty to young girls in an eloquent manner.”
  • “We enjoyed the class. It was very age appropriate for the audience and the instructor did a great job holding the girls' attention. Well worth the drive to Baton Rouge.”
  • “Our presenter was fabulous! She made what could have been an uncomfortable topic so easy and informative!”
  • “Wonderful program as a follow up to or a lead in to talking to your preteen.”
  • “The class was well done. I wish I would have brought my older daughter a few years ago. And, I have already recommended to others.”
  • “I was very satisfied with this class. The presenter made all the girls feel completely comfortable. She was able to relate to the girls and kept them involved in the class.”
  • “This was a wonderful class for my daughter. It was just the right mix of facts and fun. ”
  • “This program was exactly what I expected, and I will definitely recommend this class to our friends.”
  • “I enjoyed the class and thought it was age appropriate for my 10 year old daughter. It provided clear information in a comfortable setting. Thanks for providing this class.”
  • “We loved the movie - good presentation. Good information on level for a 10 year old.”
  • “The presenter was wonderful! She simplified the concept and made it easier for my daugher to understand.”
1 - 20 of 22 Results Currently Displayed