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Here’s what recent participants had to say about “A Baby Is Coming”.
  • “I could not have been happier with this experience. My daughters remembered everything and are even more excited for the arrival of their baby sister. I cannot thank you enough!!! ”
  • “Such a cute class and great idea. My son was so proud. I think it was great and recommend it to others. Thanks for offering such special classes!!! That's why Woman's is the best! ”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I had both of my boys in it and they LOVED it. The instructors were so good about conversing on their level. It was the perfect length for their attention spans as well. I would definitely recommend this course and can't say enough great things about it! ”
  • “The instructors paced the course appropriately for the group. They were patient and very good with the kids. Great job!”
  • “Thank you for allowing my son an opportunity to play with a doll and it be ok! He enjoyed the class and learned a lot.”
  • “Great program. Staff was fantastic and very energetic. Also, loved the tour and I thought the kids really enjoyed seeing the newborns in the nursery.”
  • “My child absolutely loved this class! She really enjoyed getting to practice with the baby dolls learning how to change the diapers, feed the baby, sing to the baby, etc. She was so proud of her "Prepared Big Sister" pin and kept asking when she could go back again. Thanks for making this class enjoyable and educational for all!”
  • “My son was so excited after attending the class. He bonded with the presenter immediately, which is not common for my son. He is often so shy! Great program an dinformation for parents as well!!! Kudos.”
  • “My 5 year old loved the class and is now even more excited about the upcoming arrival of his little sister.”
  • “Presenter was able to grab and keep the attention of the kids.”
  • “The program was wonderful. The presenter did a great job of making the kids comfortable and getting them excited.”
  • “The instructors were awesome. They made the information fun and exciting.”
  • “I was worried that an hour and a half would be too long to hold my 4 year olds attention, but the presenter talked about everything just long enough so she was never bored.”
  • “The instructor is perfect for this course. The information was just enough. Great, great, great!!”
  • “Just enough information for the little ones who participated. ”
  • “My son loved it and called it "Big Brother" class.”
  • “I enjoyed the tour with my child.”
  • “Great instructor! I really enjoyed the program.”
  • “I enjoyed the program. The presenter was age appropriate, patient, and kind to the participants. Thank you for a memorable experience.”
  • “This class was perfect! Exactly what my daughter needed to get ready for the big day.”
1 - 20 of 28 Results Currently Displayed