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Here’s what recent participants had to say about “Tyke Hyke ”.
  • “I would definitely recommend this class to others with little ones preparing to become big brothers and sisters. It was so cute to watch the kids interact with their dolls and learn to take care of a new baby, and I feel that the class helped my son become more comfortable with the idea of bringing home a new baby soon. ”
  • “Fun! Fun! Fun!”
  • “What a sweet day! This made my daughter feel so special and since then she's wanted to wear her "Prepared Big Sister" button everywhere, including church and ballet class. It also served as a good review for me and my husband. It was a blessing to our family and well worth the $20. I would recommend it to anyone!”
  • “The instructor did a great job with the kids. I thought the class was very helpful and affordable.”
  • “Our kids truly enjoyed this class!”
  • “As a grandparent, I truly enjoyed this program. I especially liked the professional instructors who provided the information to the children as well as the adults.”
  • “Wonderful program with great hints and tips! The instructors were very patient and really related well to the "tykes". This program was very beneficial to my daughter!”
  • “Wonderful experience! Thank you for providing such a valuable learning experience for our children.”
  • “Great class with wonderful teachers. Thank you very much!”
  • “The teachers were very good at explaining everything to the students and the tour was very good too.”
  • “Very glad my daughter could see the hospital before my actual due date - I think it will help her to be prepared.”
  • “Very educational.”
  • “My child enjoyed the class so much. Thanks!”
  • “Instructors were great with the children and kept their interest.”
  • “Great class! Our daughter had a good time. Tyke Hyke covered good topics in a way that was easy for kids to understand.”
  • “Thank you! Excellent program!”
  • “Great class! Our son had a great time and learned a lot.”