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Here’s what recent participants had to say about “Labor of Love ”.
  • “Colette was a fantastic presenter! She was informative and gave us invaluable resources to refer back to for a refresher. My husband and I now feel equipped with relaxation techniques and knowledge of what to expect during our upcoming natural VBAC attempt. ”
  • “Collette was great! She was patient and knowledgeable, and she answered all of our questions thoroughly. ”
  • “The class was extremely helpful and informative. My husband and I feelso much more prepared.”
  • “I was able to deliver naturally and don't think I could have done it without taking this class.”
  • “Class was empowering - makes us feel as though we have the tools needed to have a successful, natural birth.”
  • “The instructor was very helpful and knowledgable. She did not force her opinions on anyone but informed everyone of their options. She is very passionate about child birth!”
  • “Awesome class!”
  • “This class made me feel a lot more reassured and prepared for childbirth. Thanks!”
  • “Great teacher! I feel so much more prepared to go through the laboring process.”
  • “Very, very helpful. The presenter was wonderful - the class was great! Thank you so much for all the information.”
  • “Great presenter - would love to have her as our delivery nurse!”
  • “This was a wonderful class. It was very informative, well run, and answered all of our questions. Thank you!”
  • “Ms. Collette was awesome! She made the program fun and eductional. Thanks!”
  • “Very helpful. Thank you!”
  • “Great class, terrific instructor!”