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Here’s what recent participants had to say about “Baby & You Orientation Tour ”.
  • “All of the presenters / nurses were encouraging and knowledgeable. I feel good about the level of care I can expect to receive at Woman's when I have my baby. Thanks! ”
  • “I was SO glad we did the hospital tour. It relieved alot of anxiety I was having about where to go when we're in labor and the logistics of the day with parking and visitors and such. Such a value-added service the hospital provides!!”
  • “Class/tour was very informative and made me at ease as to what to expect when it comes time for my delivery. ”
  • “Great tour. Great information. Very nice staff willing to help and answer questions.”
  • “Taking the tour just made us even more excited about delivering at the new Woman's Hospital!”
  • “My daughter and I were in the first class to tour the new hospital Monday night. I have to say the ladies did a wonderful job and made sure all our questions were answered. I highly recommend everyone should take this class. Thanks”
  • “Thank you to all the nurses and staff for making our first experience at Woman's relaxed and reassuring to all of us moms and dads.”
  • “This tour helped me so much by calming my nerves!”
  • “Very helpful class. The staff did an exceptional job of conveying the information and answering questions. Thank you!”
  • “I feel much better after taking the tour! The nurses who led our group were very informed and knowledgeable about Woman's Hospital.”
  • “Timely, efficient and very informative!”
  • “...so glad we came.”
  • “Attending this class helped a lot... especially since I'm a first time mom!”
  • “This was the first in a series of classes that my husband and I chose to take at Woman's. We loved the program and we've loved every program since. The classes have really helped us to become better prepared for the experience ahead.”
  • “Great tour with knowledgeable and friendly staff!”
  • “The staff was very friendly and willing to answer questions.”
  • “Beautiful facility. I'm very excited about the in-room menu!”
  • “The orientation tour was very valuable! I feel much more comfortable as our due date approaches. Thanks for everything.”
  • “I feel the Baby & You Orientation Tour really prepared me for what to expect from the hospital and staff when I arrive to deliver my baby.”
  • “It was great to see the hospital before the big day - I feel more prepared.”
1 - 20 of 30 Results Currently Displayed