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Classes & Programs
  • Finding Your Core I Learn the basics of all abdominal exercises and how to do them correctly.
  • Kegels: What You Need To Know About Your Pelvic Floor Learn how to gain control over your pelvic floor muscles and how to prevent urine leakage, pelvic pain, and other matters.
  • Managing Arthritis through Diet and Exercise Combining exercise with healthy eating can make a difference. Join us and learn more about how to manage your arthritis symptoms.
  • Nutrition Care and Exercise During Cancer Education Series Our expert staff of registered deititians, personal trainers, andregistered nurses will help you understand how to balance nutrition and exercise needs while living with cancer. 
  • Osteoporosis and You For women with thin and brittle bones caused by osteoporosis, even the slightest fall can result in fractured or broken bones. Learning how to stay strong, safe, and balanced is the key to living well with osteoporosis.
  • Posture 101 Posture 101 is a limited enrollment class to allow for very individualized attention to posture problems.  New start date!
  • Weight Loss Surgery: What You Should Know Join us to learn more about the different types of weight loss surgeries and get your questions answered.
  • Women Living with Cancer This exciting series of free seminars is designed for women, family members and caregivers to learn about cancer, treatments and managing lifestyle changes associated with cancer.