Rose Marie Fife


Rose Marie Fife Why is supporting Woman’s important to you?

I have loved Woman’s through the years, beginning 37 years ago when I gave birth to my first child. I have delivered three kids and have had several surgeries at Woman’s. Woman’s was also where the “C” word was confirmed to me in 2005 with my annual mammogram. The staff there made me feel special through all of my surgeries, treatments and reconstruction.

Woman’s is now where I volunteer and give back. I love Woman’s dearly, and I hope that my actions can pass on to others. Actions speak louder than words, so I do like to get involved with places I love!

What makes Woman’s special?

Being a hospital dedicated to women, they understand our feelings. Whether having a baby, having surgery, or having treatment – the personnel at Woman’s made my stay comfortable and enjoyable, no matter the circumstance. 

I am now retired from work and I feel that my job is to volunteer. Woman’s has a great respect for their volunteers and we are just as important as those actually employed here. How special is that!

What one word describes Woman’s and why?

It is hard to say just one word, but if I had to choose, it would be “devoted.” Every individual who works at Woman’s is devoted to making their hospital better each day. They believe that their job is the best job in the world and they pass on their emotion to the patients in the hospital. I felt it when I was there and I see it every day that I volunteer in the NICU. Each baby and patient is treated with so much love and devotion!

Why would you encourage others to support Woman’s?

So many of my friends have had their babies or grand babies, have had surgeries or in general have had great experiences at Woman’s. I feel that we just take this place for granted. It is a nationally recognized, nonprofit hospital that needs our support. We need to make sure that our kids and grandkids continue to get the same treatment we have received here. We do not know what their lives will entail, so we need to support the places that have bettered our lives. Woman’s has been there for me. I want to continue to be there for it!