Amy Counce


Counce_Amy_EHow have you been involved with Woman’s?

I have been a volunteer with Woman’s Annual Giving Campaign for the past two years.

Why is supporting Woman’s important to you?

I believe that it is important to support Woman’s because of the vital role that Woman’s plays in the Baton Rouge community. From the babies that are born there, to the women being treated for cancer and other diseases, to the sexual assault services that are gratuitously provided, to the Mobile Mammography Coach that goes out into the community – it’s ALL a huge positive for our city and our state.

What makes Woman’s special?

Woman’s is special to me because not only have I had nephews, nieces, and great-nieces born there, I had a sister who was treated for ovarian cancer back in 1994 and sadly, died there. I witnessed firsthand the high quality of medical treatment that she received during that difficult time, and the compassion and care of the doctors and nurses who treated her.

What one word describes Woman’s and why?

That’s a hard one. I guess I’d say amazing. It’s a bit overused these days, but how else do you describe a hospital that literally helps to bring lives into this world, works so hard to save and nurture those lives, and provides care and support for so many women who are sick and suffering?

Why would you encourage others to support Woman’s?

I would encourage others to support Woman’s Hospital because, quite frankly, in this day and time, we can’t afford not to. Quality healthcare is vital to our community, and Woman’s has been a constant present, an example of excellence in healthcare, in Baton Rouge for over 45 years. State-of-the-art medical technology is expensive, but it is necessary to keep pace with the science and the research and the new and amazing discoveries that, simply put, can SAVE LIVES – the lives of women and babies in our community. What’s more important than that?