Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Prevention

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At Woman’s, we’re working to keep HIV-positive mothers’ dreams alive.

Imagine a mother’s hopes and dreams for her baby being destroyed by three devastating letters: HIV.

According to the CDC, Baton Rouge ranks second among major U.S. metro areas for new HIV cases.

Without intervention, up to 40 percent of HIV-infected pregnant women could transmit the virus to their babies.

Woman’s program focuses on preventing the transmission of HIV from mothers to newborns during birth. With this program, the chance of transmission can be decreased to less than two percent.

How it Works

  • Established in 2002, the program provides case management for women with HIV and their babies, from diagnosis during prenatal lab tests to one year after delivery.
  • When an HIV-positive mother-to-be comes to Woman's, a specially trained nurse develops a care plan based on her specific needs.
  • The nurse schedules her doctor’s appointments, makes sure she is taking her medications and educates her about practicing safe sex.
  • After delivery, the baby goes on a costly anti-retroviral medication plan for six weeks.
  • This service is provided at no charge to the patient.
  • Since 2005, Woman’s has not had an HIV-positive baby born to a mother enrolled in the program.