Mammography Coach

One in eight women will get breast cancer. In Louisiana, the fight against breast cancer is compounded because women do not have access to the healthcare and screening they need. As a result, Louisiana has the highest mortality rate from breast cancer in the nation. Woman’s has taken that fight on the road with its Mammography Coach.

SMammoCoachDriverBackince 2006, the coach has:

  • Traveled 141,000 miles
  • Screened 47,000 women
  • Taken 2,000 trips
  • Detected over 200 cancers
More than 95 percent of breast cancer cases can be cured with early detection and prompt treatment, but many women struggle to find access to breast care. Woman’s Mammography Coach visits churches, workplaces, grocery stores, community centers and more to offer lifesaving screenings to women in need.
Generous grants are providing free or low cost breast cancer screenings at Woman's and on the Mammography Coach. Thanks to:
  • Bradie James Foundation 56
  • Hologic, Inc.
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation


We're Adding a Second Coach with 3D Mammography!
Despite serving 5,300 patients each year, the current coach cannot meet its demand. An additional coach will extend services to a total of 21 parishes and give Woman’s the ability to screen over 10,000 women each year. Look for our new coach in late 2017!

The Current Coach Needs Upgrading
3D mammography produces clear, precise images that allow doctors to pinpoint abnormalities with greater accuracy. Your gift can upgrade the current coach from 2D technology to 3D and find cancer as early as possible, when it is most treatable. The Mammography Coach has been in operation since 2006. In that time, technology has improved; 3D mammography is now available.

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