Mammography Coach

One in eight women will get breast cancer. Louisiana has the highest mortality rate from breast cancer in the nation.

In Louisiana, the fight against breast cancer is compounded because women do not have access to the screening they need. In response, Woman’s has taken that fight on the road with its two Mammography Coaches.

In 2019, the Woman’s coach:

  • Traveled to 25 parishes
  • Screened 4,204 women
  • Detected 20 cancers

More than 95 percent of breast cancer cases can be cured with early detection and prompt treatment, but many women struggle to find access to breast care. Woman’s Mammography Coach visits churches, workplaces, grocery stores, community centers and more to offer lifesaving screenings to women in need.

Keep Us Running!

Generous grants from Bradie James Foundation 56, Hologic, Inc.and Susan G. Komen Foundation provide some free or low cost breast cancer screenings, but we still need your help to give women a fighting chance against breast cancer.  Your donation could save lives.

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