Lactation Warmline

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes for a woman, but it's not always the easiest.

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The nurses who answer Woman’s Lactation Warmline have heard it all.

  • “How do I know my baby is getting enough to eat?”
  • “I think I’m getting a cold. Should I still breastfeed?”
  • “My baby is lethargic. What should I do?”

Woman’s offers the Warmline because breastfeeding gives babies a healthier start by lowering the risk of many diseases. This service provides free lactation phone consultation and trouble-shooting advice from a registered nurse all day, every day, and it’s available anyone and everyone in the community!

Louisiana's breastfeeding rates are well below the national average. With community support, Woman’s can increase breastfeeding rates to improve the overall health of infants well into adulthood. 

How it Works

  • Lactation services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost to all mothers who deliver at Woman’s.
  • Woman’s Breastfeeding Warmline provides free lactation phone consultation and troubleshooting advice from a registered nurse all day, every day. This service is available not only to Woman’s patients, but also for the community by calling.
  • Woman's board certified lactation consultants and nurses with advanced breastfeeding education provide all mothers with information on breastfeeding along with the knowledge and skills necessary to give their babies the healthiest start in life.