Healing Arts

Healing Arts - 1

Art can heal with every brush stroke, every high note and every page in a scrapbook.


  • From women on bed rest to families at their baby's bedside in the NICU,many patients and their families call Woman’s home for extended periods of time. It's often a difficult time, and recreational opportunities are limited.

Woman's Response

  • Woman's Healing Arts program enhances the hospital experience for patients and their families through music, poetry, dance and art.
  • Woman's aims to be the leader in designing healing arts activities that contribute to the emotional and physical well-being of patients, staff and the community.

How it Works

  • Current projects include monthly concerts, scrapbooking for NICU parents and art activities for cancer survivors.
  • Future plans include expanding the program to provide holistic healing opportunities to all of our patients through a variety of art forms. The ideas are as endless as our donors’ imaginations: a community garden, labyrinth, journaling, painting, poetry, dance, piano, etc.